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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mentor Text of the Week- What If You Had Animal Teeth by Sandra Markle

What If You Had Animal Teeth by Sandra Markle
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This text is a narrative nonfiction piece of text, most appropriate for grades 2-5.

Possible Minilessons for Writing Workshop:

  • Clever introduction
  • Close up photographs that let the reader really examine the subject
  • Interesting, shocking, and new facts presented to the reader
  • Repetition ("If you had..."
  • Analogies to the reader's own life helping them truly understand the information being presented 
  • Humorous illustrations that make the facts relatable to the reader
  • Illustrations of background reveal clever connections to the topic
  • Extra fact bubble on each page for additional information about the topic
  • Varied sentence lengths
  • Main idea and supporting details
  • List structure
  • Varied sentence beginnings
  • Varied sentence types (questions, statements, exclamations, etc.)
  • Content specific vocabulary introduced 
  • Conclusion that relates the topic to real life and wraps up the text
  • Extra information about the topic ("Where Do Teeth Come From?" and "Teeth Need Care")
  • Photo credits that show the validity of the photographs
  • Clever title

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mentor Text of the Week- Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

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This text is a personal narrative piece of text, most appropriate for grades K-3.

Possible Minilessons for Writing Workshop:

  • Author's note reveals the inspiration for the idea (a perfect generating idea on "everys" in your life)
  • Two page spreads
  • Background details that allow the reader to get to know the characters and setting more fully
  • Repetitive beginnings "We..."
  • Patterns on clothing for extra detail in illustrations
  • Environmental print makes the scenes come alive (inspiration is from city in New Jersey)
  • ​Compound sentences
  • Commas in a series
  • Thoughtful and limited dialogue
  • Purposeful punctuation: em dashes, exclamation points
  • Small moment (entire event is probably 30 minutes long)
  • Movement through time is shown through events going on around characters
  • Facial expressions to show emotion
  • Variety of sentences
  • Illustrations tell more than what's on the page in text
  • Short amount of texts that makes for a perfect narrative